Thursday, November 19, 2009

tutorial 9 - filter effect

this what i have done for my tutorial 9
i'm using film grain effect for this.


Sunday, November 15, 2009

Assignment 1 - e-Wallpaper

Open the main photo using Photoshop.
I'm using my friend as my model and capture him in the wanted pose.

Then after opening it using Photoshop,
then i crop it using magnetic lasso tools. for the selected area & adjust the feather, contrast, and other to suite the photo.

copy the crop image, for the next process.

I'm using a crumpled paper as background.
I found it on internet

Then the background is adjusted the color, tone, contrast "auto"

Then I design a doodles using pentools.
use different color to create mood.

I'm choosing doodles style as my theme for my E-Wallaper design

Then paste the crop image of the model before.
adjust its color, tone and contrast.

Add some stroke to the photo.
to have a cartoonist effect like shell-shading.

Add some typo.
"MMU FOM Open day" at the center of it & add effect of film grain.

After done that, create another doodle of bubble talk - and mask it with FOM building that being capture & edited before.

To enhance the photo mood,
Im add effect to it by copy the layer, gaussian blur it with 50 opacity.
And I repeated the process twice.

To mask the FOM building Photo and the Bubble talk, drag the shape of the bubble talk to the FOM image.
Repeat the process for another image.

This is the Image after being repeated.

Add a shape to cover the model nose.
to add funny mood

Then add a font to effect the design.
And add my own personal Detail.
This is the final result after creating this E-Wallpaper.
Thats all thank you.
I'm not a good teacher .
Sorry, but if u willing to learn.
i try to help

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

tutorial 6

here is the final work for my tutorial 6.
im really don't have idea but here is what it goes.

picture refences
"" - LION

"" - STAGE



"" - Reggae statue

"" - MIC

"" - reggae man


here is somehow i come out with.
hope you like it

Sunday, November 8, 2009

task 2

hello again.
i dont have idea .
later on updated the step.
thank you!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

make peace - tutorial 4

this is the original image.that being use.
just google it.
im choosing this theme, so its help me plan the work.
planning is the best way to edit

the african boy -

peace finger -

peace logo -

crumpled paper -

im using this paper as the background.
the crumpled paper are being adjust the color,tone, contrast

the boy is place on the paper.
and it been multiply.(in the layer mode)
before that, the boy are being edit.
layer it, filter with gaussian blur filter, opacity it and layer again to bring the dreamy effect of the boy.
then merge it all together

place a Peace words & sum quote
adjust the opacity

after combining all the image. this is the final layout of it
adding peace logo & sign.
to effect it more.
the logo are being wrap to effect the motif & angle

adding my detail.for reference

task 2 final result.

task one

this would be hard.since i dont understand the task very well.but i've done what i think it is.hahaha so its come out with this!

its done that way.
because its old version of computer product.we didn't use floppy disk, CRT monitor, IDE cable..
so it sad. no more being use or its kinda in "the stop of production"

so this is my first task!