Wednesday, November 4, 2009

make peace - tutorial 4

this is the original image.that being use.
just google it.
im choosing this theme, so its help me plan the work.
planning is the best way to edit

the african boy -

peace finger -

peace logo -

crumpled paper -

im using this paper as the background.
the crumpled paper are being adjust the color,tone, contrast

the boy is place on the paper.
and it been multiply.(in the layer mode)
before that, the boy are being edit.
layer it, filter with gaussian blur filter, opacity it and layer again to bring the dreamy effect of the boy.
then merge it all together

place a Peace words & sum quote
adjust the opacity

after combining all the image. this is the final layout of it
adding peace logo & sign.
to effect it more.
the logo are being wrap to effect the motif & angle

adding my detail.for reference

task 2 final result.


Lydia said...

It's good. Make sure you provide References for those images. For next Monday exercise, out of 5%, 1 % is allocated for using Adjustment layer technique. Make sure you can show it at your exercise by putting Notes (it's Bonus marks if you figure it out how to use it at: or type 5 points under the spars.jpg portrait for example to specify:

1. Removing what using what tool.

2. Adjustment layer at where.

3 Retouch using what technique or tool.

4 & 5 etc

a z r i said...

thank you madam
i will follow the requirment

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